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Labels - a good indicator of activity

Activity is picking up again in France, even if all the signs of sustainable activity are still not there. For instance when we visit industrial sites we can see how difficult it is for companies to hire people for low-skilled jobs. That's why when our government (for the past 20 years at least) keep on fighting unemployment by offering more and more training we think it is too much. Basic knowledge in oral and written expression as well as in maths and logic, sprinkled with speaking and understanding two living languages would, in our opinion, increase hiring and even perspectives for the hired. The companies to whom the government delegated everything the past 20 or 30 years (well-being, on the economic, social and even family level for the biggest of them) should now be able to train their own people or at least pay for it.
This time other signals show a positive outlook for the French economy. The good health of the packaging and the label sector are no less important, as each of them are excellent indicators of the industrial activity and the household consumption whether they are used on industrial products or FMCG.

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