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We knew that one day or another recycled paper made with fruit or vegetable peels would come to fruition and now it is here, grass based paper. Comedians are having a field day saying that it is ideal for smokers! Yes, you read correctly, I wrote the word "comedians," for the first time for Pap' Argus, in spite of our optimistic ways. Indeed, France does seem quite cheerful recently, certainly much more than a few weeks ago...
At the risk of stating the obvious, whether you are for or against him after the recent chaotic presidential election, France's new president Emmanuel Macron has a much different vision of his role than his predecessor, François Hollande. His diplomatic choreography gives French people the impression of existing again on the international stage, even if it is much more a question of communication at this point. All you need to do is look at all the buzz over the strength and length of the handshake between him and the American president. Once again, the French model can be seen in a universal sense.


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