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Prices for plastic waste materials - Source K6 - May 2022 (From WEEE Plastics - April 2022)



Pap Argus, Magazine sur les marchés des papiers et cartons

 Price depending on grade. The collection service provision is billed separately by the recycling operator
Source : K6
"**IMPORTANT: the Extension logs sorting is to be generalized to all sorting centres. In this sense:
• The Mercuriales have been presenting since March 2022 the Q0/Q4 clear PET (GVO) merged with the Q7 clear PET (ELS), as well as the Q5/Q6 colored PET (GVO) merged with the Q8 colored PET (ELS) are aggregated to take this merger into account. We therefore invite you to refer to our previous editions to obtain the clear and colored PET indices for the months preceding March 2022.
• The same is true for HDPE bottles (GVO) which was merged with HDPE extensions (ELS) this month of April 2022. "