The User accepts all the Terms of Pap'Argus website listed below prior to consultations and use of the Website. The Terms of Use may be modified at any time by Pap'Argus.

Subscriber means only the person or entity identified at registration using the Registration Form, holds the rights described below, which pays a monthly or annual subscription.

Acknowledgment means the mail or mail sent by Pap'Argus summarizing the essential elements of the contract document and incorporating elements of the Registration Form.

Access codes is the number of contract Subscriber Pap'Argus provided by the Subscriber on validation by Subscriber and / or Submission of registration forms Codes Access Subscriber and / or the Subscription will be used by Subscriber and / or Submission as described below.

Cookies means a small file sent to the browser of the user and stored on the hard drive of his computer, allowing Pap'Argus to track navigation of the User on the website of Pap'Argus. Some services require that the user accepts cookies. If the browser is configured to refuse access to these services may be altered, if not impossible.

The cookies used on the website of Pap'Argus identify items and services that the user has visited, and more generally its behavior in terms of visits. This information is useful to better customize services, content, promotions and banners that appear on the website of Pap'Argus.

Registration Form means the form gathering personal data and payment method.

Information means all information and publications available on the website of Pap'Argus.

Submission means the person or entity identified at registration using the Registration Form wishing to use the free services of the website Pap'Argus (Submission free) or wishing to use the paid services of the website of Pap ' Argus (Registered in payment to the act).
Pap'Argus means the company identified the top of these Terms of Use.

Signature means the acceptance by the User and / or Subscriber and / or Submission of these Terms of Use manifested by the online validation of these Terms of Use and registration form, confirmed Accused by Pap'Argus receiving and sending these Terms of Use signed by the User, as the payment method.

Website Pap'Argus means the online Pap'Argus (free and paid services) gives users access to information via the Internet.

Subscription rate means the amount of the annual subscription fee applicable to the Subscriber, as shown on the website of Pap'Argus, from the signature form of identification, effective from the date of Signature.

Prime Rate means the rate of consultation and use of information received by the Subscriber under these Terms of Use and representing a reduction of twenty percent (20%) compared to the amounts of pay information displayed on the Site Web Pap'Argus into force on the date of signature.

Owner means any person or entity holder of rights and / or moral Information.

Users consultant means any person using the information available on the website of Pap'Argus including the simple user, Subscriber and the Subscription.

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