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The user accepts all the Terms of Pap'Argus website listed below prior to consultations and use of the Website. The Terms of Use may be modified at any time by Pap'Argus.
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The User accepts all the Terms of Pap'Argus website listed below prior to consultations and use of the Website. The Terms of Use may be modified at any time by Pap'Argus.


Subscriber means only the person or entity identified at registration using the Registration Form, holds the rights described below, which pays a monthly or annual subscription.

Acknowledgment means the mail or mail sent by Pap'Argus summarizing the essential elements of the contract document and incorporating elements of the Registration Form.

Access codes is the number of contract Subscriber Pap'Argus provided by the Subscriber on validation by Subscriber and / or Submission of registration forms Codes Access Subscriber and / or the Subscription will be used by Subscriber and / or Submission as described below.

Cookies means a small file sent to the browser of the user and stored on the hard drive of his computer, allowing Pap'Argus to track navigation of the User on the website of Pap'Argus. Some services require that the user accepts cookies. If the browser is configured to refuse access to these services may be altered, if not impossible.

The cookies used on the website of Pap'Argus identify items and services that the user has visited, and more generally its behavior in terms of visits. This information is useful to better customize services, content, promotions and banners that appear on the website of Pap'Argus.

Registration Form means the form gathering personal data and payment method.

Information means all information and publications available on the website of Pap'Argus.

Submission means the person or entity identified at registration using the Registration Form wishing to use the free services of the website Pap'Argus (Submission free) or wishing to use the paid services of the website of Pap ' Argus (Registered in payment to the act).
Pap'Argus means the company identified the top of these Terms of Use.

Signature means the acceptance by the User and / or Subscriber and / or Submission of these Terms of Use manifested by the online validation of these Terms of Use and registration form, confirmed Accused by Pap'Argus receiving and sending these Terms of Use signed by the User, as the payment method.

Website Pap'Argus means the online Pap'Argus (free and paid services) gives users access to information via the Internet.

Subscription rate means the amount of the annual subscription fee applicable to the Subscriber, as shown on the website of Pap'Argus, from the signature form of identification, effective from the date of Signature.

Prime Rate means the rate of consultation and use of information received by the Subscriber under these Terms of Use and representing a reduction of twenty percent (20%) compared to the amounts of pay information displayed on the Site Web Pap'Argus into force on the date of signature.

Owner means any person or entity holder of rights and / or moral Information.

Users consultant means any person using the information available on the website of Pap'Argus including the simple user, Subscriber and the Subscription.


Pap'Argus gives the user a license to use the information found on the website of Pap'Argus subject to full respect of these Terms of Use and full payment of the amount as mentioned before any consultation Information.

The license includes a right of consultation, a right of use of information and a right of access to the members area of website Pap'Argus as described below.

The rights of consultation, use and access referred to above are granted personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable by Pap'Argus Users


3.1. Pap'Argus gives the user a right to use a right of consultation and access to information under the following conditions:
The User agrees to:
• not download onto his computer the information for personal use and limited in time;
print on paper the information downloaded only if they are strictly limited copies for personal use;
• not reproduce the digital version of Information for press review other agreements with the CFC or the Website Pap'Argus;
• not alter, modify, move, remove or replace the editorial content (text and / or reproduction) of information and / or the name of Pap'Argus and / or holders and / or any other information relating to the rights of Pap 'Argus and / or Holders on information;
• to establish control systems adapted to the technical developments to avoid any "hacking" Information from the website of Pap'Argus and in particular to prevent illicit use or contrary to these Terms of Use any information from the website of Pap'Argus in any way and in any form whatsoever;
• to inform Pap'Argus from knowledge of "piracy" and in particular any misuse or non-contractual Information from the website of Pap'Argus whatever mode of transmission.
• not make a magazine or a panorama made from press information or photographs marked as belonging to the Agence France Presse, or use this information to offer on any medium outside legal framework for private copying.

3.2. Pap'Argus gives the user the right to consult the Information and Subscription Rate Preferential Tariff in force on the day of the consultation, posted on the website of Pap'Argus Information for each prior consultation of that information.
Each consultation outside the scope of the subscription will result in charges preferential date of the consultation.

3.3. These Terms of Use do the transfer of any intellectual property rights on the information to the user.

3.4. The responsibility for Pap'Argus can not be engaged in the following cases:
• momentary interruptions lasting a few minutes to update some files;
• Difficulties of operation or temporary interruption of these services regardless of the will of Pap'Argus such as the interruption of electric utilities or telecommunications;
• temporary interruption of services necessary for their development or maintenance;
• failure or malfunction of the Internet in the transmission of messages or documents.


4.1. The Access codes allow access to the User website Pap'Argus under the conditions described in Article 3 of these Terms of Use.

4.2. The Access codes allow the user to identify and connect to paying the website of Pap'Argus. These access codes are personal and confidential. They can not be changed at the request of the User or at the initiative of Pap'Argus.
• The user is solely responsible for the use of access codes on it.
• Subscriber is solely responsible for the use of access codes on it.
4.3. Subscriber agrees to keep secret codes concerning access and not disclose in any form whatsoever to third parties.
In case of loss or theft of access codes to it the user to select a new password and login and immediately inform Pap'Argus which recommuniquera the User's number and an access code.
Any attempt to use the same code to access Subscriber by a third party may result in termination, automatically and without prior notice, the subscription contract by Pap'Argus
4.4. The opening of a new session with a PIN already in use will automatically result in the closure of the 1st session open.
4.5. The data are transmitted exclusively for Pap'Argus services. They are in no way passed on to third parties for advertising and promotion. Pap'Argus guarantees that all processing of personal data is subject to the law of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms.


5.1. Subscriber contracts and consulting contracts for information made by these Terms of Use take effect at the date of signature for a period of twelve (12) months subject to the provisions established under certain modes of payment and to the extent that Pap'Argus sent a receipt confirming the signature.

5.2. At the end of this period of twelve (12) months, contracts are automatically renewed for a period of twelve (12) months unless terminated given one (1) month prior to the anniversary date of the contract by one or 'side letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


Pap'Argus undertakes to use its best efforts to secure access to and use of information in accordance with the rules of uses of the Internet. Access to the Web site is possible twenty-four (24) hours in twenty-four (24), seven (7) days a week (7) except in cases of force majeure or an event beyond the control of Pap'Argus and subject to possible breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and materials, which can be performed without having informed beforehand Users.
The User agrees characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and especially recognize:
• it is solely responsible for the use he made of the information. Accordingly, Pap'Argus not be held because of an express or implied, as civilly liable to him for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of information;
• an awareness of the nature of the Internet, in particular its technical performance and response time to consult, question or transfer the information;
• the communication of its access codes or generally any information deemed confidential is made under his own responsibility;
• it is to take all necessary measures to ensure that the technical characteristics of its computer enable the consultation of information;
• it must take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and / or software from contamination by viruses circulating through the website of Pap'Argus and / or information, it is clear that downloading information constitutes acceptance without reservation of the Information and these Terms of Use.


8.1. Pap'Argus holds all intellectual property rights, including rights to trademarks relating to information.

8.2. These Terms of Use do the transfer of any intellectual property rights on the information to the user.

8.3. The User agrees not to use the information to prejudice the rights of Pap'Argus and that such use does not constitute infringement or unfair competition or parasitic Information.


All data published on the website of Pap'Argus are provided for information. The provision of such information should not be treated in any manner whatsoever, to counsel or to a specific decision support for completing a transaction or taking an investment decision. The User acknowledges accordingly use the information to them at their own risk.

As a result, Pap'Argus disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of information available on the website of Pap'Argus in any form whatsoever.

Pap'Argus nor any of its partners can not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from errors, omissions or delays in the transmission of such information.


10.1 Pap'Argus may at any time the right of access to the user if it continues not to violate any provision of these Terms of Use following notice by Pap'Argus by any means. Such termination may have the effect of deleting the user account and access codes. This termination does not take responsibility for Pap'Argus as against third parties.

10.2. Users can terminate the subscription contract and / or consulting contract information by sending a letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:
4 rue de la Chaussée

10.2.1. In the case of an annual subscription contract, the Member must submit his letter of termination with a notice of one (1) month. The closing of the Subscriber will on the anniversary of the contract. No refunds "pro rata" will be made.


11.1. If certain provisions of these Terms of Use were declared invalid or unenforceable under any law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, other provisions would retain no less all their force and scope.

11.2. The signature of these Terms of Use under the subscription contract or consulting contract information supersedes all agreements that the parties could previously pass on the same subject.
11.3. The contractual relationships between Pap'Argus and use are governed solely by the provisions of these Terms of Use.

11.4. Users can assign the rights and obligations resulting from the subscription contract or consulting contract that information prior written Pap'Argus and subject to strict compliance with the conditions stipulated in these Terms Usage.


These Terms of Use are governed by French law.

In disputes that may arise between the parties about the formation, interpretation or enforcement of these Terms of Use, the parties agree to settle the dispute amicably.

In case of failure, both sides will submit to the courts of Paris in which they express allocation of competence, and including any relief or multiple defendants.

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