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Back to crisis?

 Growth is slowing down in France and our favourite economists are now saying that due to our system, we cannot hope for growth to be as strong as in the other countries. Among our idiosyncrasies are our inflexible labor market, the lack of public share offering, high de-industrialization, welfare costs, our minimum wage, etc. We are getting along by the skin of our teeth.
However, if we dig deeper we realize that the drop in growth is due to the gap between the increase of certain taxes applied at the beginning of the year and the rebates of other taxes applicable at the end of the year. If we add in the price increase of oil, quick like a bunny the purchasing power collapses and consumption and growth are trampled. We would love it if it was limited to these domains and in the newsprint and more widely to the graphic papers industry. However, as we saw at the Pap' Argus Symposium held in Paris on September 11th of this year, graphic papers are the proverbial tree that hides the forest. Now packaging is faltering and the recovered papers are confronted with the Chinese boycott. To make it short our ship is not smooth sailing.

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